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生肖属相sheng1 xiao4 shu3 xiang4 zodiac sign
足岁zu2 sui4 虚岁 xu1 sui4)
先天性缺陷xian1 tian1 xing4 que1 xian4 birth defect
出生证chu1 sheng1 zheng4 birth certificate
坐月子zuo4 yue4 zi5 postpartum period
颚裂e4 lie4 cleft palate (birth defect)
生日卡sheng1 ri4 ka3 birthday card
生老病死sheng1 lao3 bing4 si4 sheng1 lao3 bing4 si3 birth, age, illness, and death
寿堂shou4 tang2 mourning hall
尉缭wei4 liao2 Truncated - click through for definition
血晕xue4 yun4 bruising
做寿zuo4 shou4 to celebrate a birthday
出生证明chu1 sheng1 zheng4 ming2 birth certificate

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