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万寿无疆wan4 shou4 wu2 jiang1 We wish you a Happy Birthday and many more of them.
生卒年sheng1 zu2 nian2 dates of birth and death (of historical figure)
黄石公huang2 shi2 gong1 Huang Shigong (Qin and early Han), legendary Daoist immortal, author of Three strategies 三略
二产妇er4 chan3 fu4 lady who has given birth twice
产仔chan3 zi3 to bear a litter
华诞hua2 dan4 your birthday (honorific)
胎痣tai1 zhi4 birthmark
胎胞tai1 bao1 afterbirth
诞生地 dan4 sheng1 di5 birthplace
中山市zhong1 shan1 shi4 Zhongshan prefecture level city in Guangdong province 廣東省广东省[Guang3 dong1 sheng3 in south China, close to Dr Sun Yat-Sen's birth-place
庆生qing4 sheng1 to celebrate a birthday
弥月mi2 yue4 first full moon after birth (i.e. entering the second month)
生孩子 sheng1 hai2 zi3 to give birth

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