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胎记tai1 ji4 birthmark
胞衣bao1 yi1 afterbirth
产期chan3 qi1 lying-in
人之初ren2 zhi1 chu1 beginning of life
摩揭陀mo2 jie1 tuo2 Magadha, ancient India kingdom reported to be the birthplace of Buddhism
生辰sheng1 chen2 birthday
臀位tun2 wei4 breech position
产褥期chan3 ru4 qi1 postnatal period
早产zao3 chan3 premature labor
一丝不挂yi1 si1 bu4 gua4 absolutely naked
超生chao1 sheng1 to be lenient
临产lin2 chan3 to face childbirth
产检chan3 jian3 birth check

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