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Legacy Tools

These tools are not optimized for mobile devices. They are here for anyone, including me, who has used them in the past and wants to keep using them.

Click here to access the annotation tool. I created this tool because all the other annotators I could find used pop-ups and I don't like pop-ups. You can hover over a word or character with your mouse and the definitions will appear to the right. You can also click a word to look it up in the dictionary. Be aware that the annotator uses a slightly different dictionary so the results won't always match.

Just a heads-up, the annotator uses the old style design of this web site. If you've used it before this won't shock you. Otherwise just be prepared.

There is also an Input Method Editor tool to let you type pinyin and convert it to Chinese characters. Most modern operating systems have an IME built in, so you probably have one you are using. This tool is for the rare time when you don't and need a quick way to type Chinese. There is a button for sending the input to the annotator if you desire. Remember, the annotator won't work on a mobile device.