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zui4 1st birthday of a child
月子yue4 zi5 puerperium
zou1 birthplace of Confucius in Shandong
临蓐lin2 ru4 in labor
乡贯xiang1 guan4 place of ancestry
产下chan3 xia4 to bear (give birth)
产程chan3 cheng2 the process of childbirth
产道chan3 dao4 birth canal (in obstetrics)
出生日chu1 sheng1 ri4 date of birth
出生缺陷chu1 sheng1 que1 xian4 birth defect
及笄ji2 ji1 to reach marriageable age (a girl's fifteenth birthday)
喜寿xi3 shou4 77th birthday (honorific, archaic or Japanese term)
喜蛋xi3 dan4 red-painted eggs, traditional celebratory gift on third day after birth of new baby

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