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祝寿zhu4 shou4 birthday congratulations
出生地chu1 sheng1 di4 birthplace
盆腔pen2 qiang1 birth canal
待产dai4 chan3 to await birth
斯特拉特福si1 te4 la1 te4 fu2 Stratford (place name)
生日快乐sheng1 ri4 kuai4 le4 Happy birthday
寿面shou4 mian4 birthday noodles for longevity
生母sheng1 mu3 birth mother
下崽xia4 zai3 to foal, to whelp etc
寿辰shou4 chen2 birthday of an old person
拜寿bai4 shou4 congratulate an elderly person on his birthday
发祥地fa1 xiang2 di4 the cradle (e.g. of art)
寿礼shou4 li3 birthday present for an old person

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