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考核kao3 he2 appraisal
评选ping2 xuan3 to select, on the basis of a vote or consensus
褒贬bao1 bian3 appraisal
重新评价zhong4 xin1 ping2 jia4 chong2 xin1 ping2 jia4 to re-assess
内容审查nei4 rong2 shen3 cha2 content appraisal
评估项目ping2 gu1 xiang4 mu4 appraisal project
重新估计zhong4 xin1 gu1 ji4 reappraisal
专家评审委员会zhuan1 jia1 ping2 shen3 wei3 yuan2 hui4 expert appraisal committee
内容审查制度nei4 rong2 shen3 cha2 zhi4 du4 content appraisal system
生产定型鉴定sheng1 chan3 ding4 xing2 jian4 ding4 product appraisal
生态评估项目sheng1 tai4 ping2 gu1 xiang4 mu4 environmental appraisal project
考评结果 kao3 ping2 jie2 guo3 appraisal result
积极评价 ji1 ji2 ping2 jia4 positive appraisal

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