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协会xie2 hui4 a society
协议xie2 yi4 pact
威胁wei1 xie2 to threaten
协定xie2 ding4 protocol
协调xie2 tiao2 negotiation
倾斜qing1 xie2 to lean
协助xie2 zhu4 to assist
协商xie2 shang1 agreement
政协zheng4 xie2 abbr. of 中國人民政治協商會議中国人民政治协商会议[Zhong1 guo2 Ren2 min2 Zheng4 zhi4 Xie2 shang1 Hui4 yi4]
协作xie2 zuo4 collaborative
和谐he2 xie2 harmony
携带xie2 dai4 to support (old)
协xie2 to join
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