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典型dian3 xing2 model
非典fei1 dian3 SARS
异形yi4 xing2 Alien
地道di4 dao4 typical
黄土huang2 tu3 cemetary
事例shi4 li4 exemplar
示例shi4 li4 to illustrate
代表性dai4 biao3 xing4 typical
颖果ying3 guo3 grain
典型用途dian3 xing2 yong4 tu2 typical use
非典型肺炎fei1 dian3 xing2 fei4 yan2 SARS
非典型fei1 dian3 xing2 atypical
羊肉串yang2 rou4 chuan4 mutton kebab

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