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Querying dictionary for English phrase "%soap" AND Chinese phrase "" AND Pinyin phrase ""

泡沫pao4 mo4 foam
kuai4 chunk
肥皂fei2 zao4 soap
泡影pao4 ying3 nothing
香皂xiang1 zao4 toilet soap
电视剧dian4 shi4 ju4 TV play
huan2 big
皂石zao4 shi2 soapstone
皂洗zao4 xi3 soaping
水落石出shui3 luo4 shi2 chu1 to gush out
分配器fen1 pei4 qi4 splitter (for cable TV signal etc)
肥皂泡fei2 zao4 pao4 soap bubble
yi2 soap

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