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小青xiao3 qing1 name of a person, Xiaoqing, from Madam White Snake
胡琴hu2 qin2 huqin
she2 snake
蛇形she2 xing2 S-shaped
三弦san1 xian2 three-stringed
游蛇you2 she2 racer
si4 the sixth earthly branch
蛇头she2 tou2 snakehead
响尾蛇xiang3 wei3 she2 rattler
菜瓜cai4 gua1 loofah
许仙xu3 xian1 name of a person, Xu Xian, from Madam White Snake
杯弓蛇影bei1 gong1 she2 ying3 overly fearful
法海fa3 hai3 fa4 hai3 Fahai, name of the evil Buddhist monk in Tale of the White Snake 白蛇傳

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