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船舶chuan2 bo2 boats
航运hang2 yun4 shipping
航线hang2 xian4 line
海运hai3 yun4 maritime shipping
运费yun4 fei4 fare
长荣chang2 rong2 Evergreen (Group), Taiwan-based shipping and transportation conglomerate
装货zhuang1 huo4 shipping
船运chuan2 yun4 boat
船务chuan2 wu4 shipping service
集装箱ji2 zhuang1 xiang1 cargo container
中远zhong1 yuan3 abbr. for 中遠集團中远集团[Zhong1 yuan3 Ji2 tuan2], COSCO (China Ocean Shipping Company)
远洋运输yuan3 yang2 yun4 shu1 Yuanyang Shipping
托盘tuo1 pan2 shipping palette

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