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言行yan2 xing2 words and actions
听闻ting1 wen2 to listen
言谈yan2 tan2 words
子曰zi3 yue1 Confucius says:
口是心非kou3 shi4 xin1 fei1 duplicity
免疫测定mian3 yi4 ce4 ding4 immunoassays
俗话说su2 hua4 shuo1 as they say...
听其言观其行ting1 qi2 yan2 guan1 qi2 xing2 to judge sb by his actions
杂说za2 shuo1 scattered essays
听得懂ting1 de2 dong3 to catch (what sb says)
人云亦云ren2 yun2 yi4 yun2 a yes-man
册府元龟ce4 fu3 yuan2 gui1 Truncated - click through for definition
说到做到shuo1 dao4 zuo4 dao4 to keep one's promise

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