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再生能源zai4 sheng1 neng2 yuan2 renewable energy source
可再生ke3 zai4 sheng1 renewable (resource)
可再生能源 ke3 zai4 sheng1 neng2 yuan2 renewable energy source
一次能源 yi1 ci4 neng2 yuan2 non-renewable energy
可再生原ke3 zai4 sheng1 yuan2 renewable resource
不可再生资源bu4 ke3 zai4 sheng1 zi1 yuan2 nonrenewable resource
再生燃料zai4 sheng1 ran2 liao4 renewable fuel
可恢复的 ke3 hui1 fu4 de5 resumable
可更新的 ke3 geng1 xin1 de5 renewable

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