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改革gai3 ge2 to reform
改造gai3 zao4 to reform
整改zheng3 gai3 to reform
变法bian4 fa3 political reform
梁启超liang2 qi3 chao1 Liang Qichao (1873-1929), influential journalist and a leader of the failed reform movement of 1898
康有为kang1 you3 wei2 Kang Youwei (1858-1927), Confucian intellectual, educator and would-be reformer, main leader of the failed reform movement of 1898
维新wei2 xin1 modernization
改良主义gai3 liang2 zhu3 yi4 reformism (i.e. favoring gradual change as opposed to revolution)
转型zhuan3 xing2 reform
路德lu4 de2 Luther (name)
土地改革tu3 di4 gai3 ge2 land reform
改制gai3 zhi4 to reform
法家fa3 jia1 Legalist school of philosophy in pre-Han times, including Shang Yang 商鞅 and Han Feizi 韓非子韩非子

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