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私人si1 ren2 a member of one's clique
私有si1 you3 privately owned
隐藏yin3 cang2 covert
民营min2 ying2 privately owned
营运ying2 yun4 running
国际私法guo2 ji4 si1 fa3 conflict of laws
私有制si1 you3 zhi4 (n) private ownership of property
私营si1 ying2 privately-owned
私立si1 li4 private (company, school etc)
公私gong1 si1 public and private (interests, initiative etc)
书馆shu1 guan3 library (of classic texts)
隐私yin3 si1 secrets
书房shu1 fang2 studio

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