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可以ke3 yi3 can
可能ke3 neng2 maybe
hui4 kuai4 will
能否neng2 fou3 whether or not
得了de2 liao3 to have gotten
尽量jin4 liang4 jin3 liang4 as much as possible
尽快jin3 kuai4 with all speed
尽可能jin4 ke3 neng2 jin3 ke3 neng2 to do one's utmost
尽力jin4 li4 to spare no effort
千方百计qian1 fang1 bai3 ji4 to strive
可否ke3 fou3 can or cannot
不可能bu4 ke3 neng2 not able
但愿dan4 yuan4 I wish (that)

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