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议会制yi4 hui4 zhi4 parliamentary system
议会选举yi4 hui4 xuan3 ju3 parliamentary election
东盟各国议会组织dong1 meng2 ge4 guo2 yi4 hui4 zu3 zhi1 ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Organization
全国议会选举quan2 guo2 yi4 hui4 xuan3 ju3 national parliamentary election
各国议会联盟ge4 guo2 yi4 hui4 lian2 meng2 Inter-Parliamentary Union
国民议会选举 guo2 min2 yi4 hui4 xuan3 ju3 national parliamentary electrion
立法委员会选举 li4 fa3 wei3 yuan2 hui4 xuan3 ju3 parliamentary election
议会批准 yi4 hui4 pi1 zhun3 parliamentary approval
议会选举结果 yi4 hui4 xuan3 ju3 jie2 guo3 parliamentary election results
议会领导人 yi4 hui4 ling3 dao3 ren2 parliamentary leader
诸国议会同盟zhu1 guo2 yi4 hui4 tong2 meng2 Intraparliamentary Union
不信任动议bu4 xin4 ren4 dong4 yi4 motion of no confidence (against the government, in parliamentary debates)
地方议会选举 di5 fang1 yi4 hui4 xuan3 ju3 local parliamentary election

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