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mo4 without
gong1 fair
私有si1 you3 privately owned
公有gong1 you3 communal
民营min2 ying2 privately owned
私营si1 ying2 privately-owned
自有zi4 you3 to own
名家ming2 jia1 master (of an art or craft)
独资du2 zi1 sole ownership
陈天华chen2 tian1 hua4 Chen Tianhua (1875-1905), anti-Qing revolutionary from Hunan, drowned himself in Japan in 1905
私营企业si1 ying2 qi3 ye4 private business
白鹤bai2 he4 red-crowned crane (Grus japonensis)
私家si1 jia1 privately owned or managed

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