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概述gai4 shu4 overview
大观da4 guan1 overview
观望guan1 wang4 to survey
一览yi1 lan3 at a glance
概览gai4 lan3 to review
总览zong3 lan3 a general overview
概观gai4 guan1 overview
不求甚解bu4 qiu2 shen4 jie3 only looking for an overview
一般看法yi1 ban1 kan1 fa3 overview
中国方言语言学概况zhong1 guo2 fang1 yan2 yu3 yan2 xue2 gai4 kuang4 A Linguistic Overview of Chinese Topolects
宏观概况hong2 guan1 gai4 kuang4 general overview
费率简介 fei4 lv4 jian3 jie4 fee overview
简略见告jian3 lve4 jian4 gao4 brief outline or overview (of a plan etc)

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