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指挥zhi3 hui1 to direct
过门guo4 men2 (of a woman) to marry
交响乐团jiao1 xiang3 yue4 tuan2 jiao1 xiang3 le4 tuan2 symphony orchestra
管弦乐guan3 xian2 yue4 orchestral music
三弦san1 xian2 three-stringed
乐团yue4 tuan2 band
管弦乐队guan3 xian2 yue4 dui4 guan3 xian2 le4 dui4 orchestra
管弦乐团guan3 xian2 le4 tuan2 guan3 xian2 yue4 tuan2 orchestra
管弦乐的 guan3 xian2 le4 de5 orchestral
爱乐乐团ai4 yue4 yue4 tuan2 philharmonia
管弦乐作曲法guan3 xian2 le4 zuo4 qu1 fa3 orchestration
管弦乐编曲guan3 xian2 le4 bian1 qu1 orchestration
编管弦乐曲bian1 guan3 xian2 le4 qu1 orchestrate

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