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观察员guan1 cha2 yuan2 observer
列席lie4 xi2 to attend as observer
观察家guan1 cha2 jia1 observer
观者 guan1 zhe3 observer
旁观者pang2 guan1 zhe3 observer
观察者guan1 cha2 zhe3 observer
国际观察 guo2 ji4 guan1 cha2 International Observer
李伯元li3 bo2 yuan2 Truncated - click through for definition
李宝嘉li3 bao3 jia1 Truncated - click through for definition
人民观察ren2 min2 guan1 cha2 Peoples Observer
国际观察员 guo2 ji4 guan1 cha2 yuan2 international observer
生活的观察者 sheng1 huo2 de5 guan1 cha2 zhe3 observer of life
经济观察jing1 ji4 guan1 cha2 Economic Observer

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