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采取cai3 qu3 to take
严打yan2 da3 to attack
防控fang2 kong4 protection
戒严jie4 yan2 emergency measures
国民收入guo2 min2 shou1 ru4 measures of national income and output
防毒fang2 du2 virus-protection
戒备jie4 bei4 precautionary measures
抗震kang4 zhen4 seismic defenses
旧制jiu4 zhi4 old system
治本zhi4 ben3 to take radical measures
安全措施an1 quan2 cuo4 shi1 safety feature
反腐败fan3 fu3 bai4 anti-corruption
防患fang2 huan4 preventative measures

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