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金鸡纳jin1 ji1 na4 the quinine tree
分类帐fen1 lei4 zhang4 a spreadsheet
账簿zhang4 bu4 a ledger
明细表ming2 xi4 biao3 schedule
簿册bu4 ce4 ledger
金鸡纳树jin1 ji1 na4 shu4 the quinine tree
销货帐xiao1 huo4 zhang4 sales ledger (accountancy)
底帐di1 zhang4 ledger
锤劈石机chui2 pi1 shi2 ji1 sledger
账册zhang4 ce4 a bill
册历ce4 li4 ledger
典当者dian3 dang1 zhe3 pledger
分户总帐fen1 hu4 zong3 zhang4 ledger

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