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社团she4 tuan2 society
足协zu2 xie2 soccer league
同事tong2 shi4 co-worker
共青团gong4 qing1 tuan2 the Communist Youth League, abbr. for 共產主義青年團共产主义青年团[Gong4 chan3 zhu3 yi4 Qing1 nian2 tuan2]
林森lin2 sen1 Linson
多伦duo1 lun2 Duolun county in Xilin Gol league 錫林郭勒盟锡林郭勒盟[Xi1 lin2 guo1 le4 meng2], Inner Mongolia
兴安xing1 an1 Hinggan league, a prefecture level subdivision of Inner Mongolia
国联guo2 lian2 allied countries
meng2 oath
阿盟a1 meng2 Arab League
同仁tong2 ren2 variant of 同人[tong2 ren2]
妇联fu4 lian2 women's league
围攻wei2 gong1 to beleaguer

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