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涉及she4 ji2 involving
甲jia3 methyl
ä¹™yi3 bent
根式gen1 shi4 surd (math.)
导引dao3 yin3 to lure
磕头ke1 tou2 to kowtow (traditional greeting, esp. to a superior, involving kneeling and pressing one's forehead to the ground)
涉she4 involving
叩头kou4 tou2 also written 磕頭磕头[ke1 tou2]
自然经济zi4 ran2 jing1 ji4 natural economy (exchange of goods by bartering not involving money)
合众he2 zhong4 mass
庚子geng1 zi3 thirty seventh year G1 of the 60 year cycle, e.g. 1960 or 2020
花鼓hua1 gu3 flower-drum, a folk art form involving singing and dancing
恶搞e4 gao3 Truncated - click through for definition

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