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其中qi2 zhong1 included among these
列入lie4 ru4 to enrol
收录shou1 lu4 to record
附上fu4 shang4 included herewith
其内qi2 nei4 included
列内lie4 nei4 to be included in
滥竽lan4 yu2 see 濫竽充數滥竽充数[lan4 yu2 chong1 shu4]
gai1 to give
包含的 bao1 han2 de5 included
集部ji2 bu4 apocryphal
站在内zhan4 zai4 nei4 included
成份股cheng2 fen4 gu3 share included in composite index
算在内suan4 zai4 nei4 to be included

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