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无知wu2 zhi1 ignorance
启蒙qi3 meng1 qi3 meng2 primer
无明wu2 ming2 delusion
幽明you1 ming2 night and day
扫盲sao3 mang2 broom
才疏学浅cai2 shu1 xue2 qian3 Pray forgive my ignorance,...
愚民yu2 min2 ignorant masses
露怯lou4 qie4 to display one's ignorance
开蒙kai1 meng2 to emerge from ignorance
一问三不知yi1 wen4 san1 bu4 zhi1 to know nothing
少见多怪shao3 jian4 duo1 guai4 the less one has seen, the more he marvels
疑冰yi2 bing1 ignorant
装洋蒜zhuang1 yang2 suan4 to feign ignorance

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