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坐标zuo4 biao1 coordinate (geometry)
座标zuo4 biao1 see 坐標坐标[zuo4 biao1]
二次曲面er4 ci4 qu1 mian4 conicoid
二次曲线er4 ci4 qu1 xian4 quadratic curve (geometry)
边长bian1 chang2 length (of a side, geom.)
坐标系zuo4 biao1 xi4 coordinate system (geometry)
三次曲线san1 ci4 qu1 xian4 cubic curve (geometry)
三等分角san1 deng3 fen1 jiao3 trisection (math.)
平行公设ping2 xing2 gong1 she4 the parallel postulate (geometry)
座标系 zuo4 biao1 ji4 coordinate system (geom.)
斜方型xie2 fang1 xing2 trapezium (geometry)
坐标法zuo4 biao1 fa3 method of coordinates (geometry)
内在座标 nei4 zai4 zuo4 biao1 intrinsic coordinates (geom.)

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