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鸿沟hong2 gou1 gulf
吴越wu2 yue4 proverbially perpetual arch-enemies
不共戴天bu4 gong4 dai4 tian1 (of enemies) cannot live under the same sky
藩镇fan1 zhen4 lit. fence town
反间fan3 jian4 to sow dissension
四面楚歌si4 mian4 chu3 ge1 to be besieged on all sides
非敌非友 fei1 di2 fei1 you3 neither friends nor enemies
结仇jie2 chou2 to start a feud
冤家路窄yuan1 jia1 lu4 zhai3 lit. enemies on a narrow road (idiom)
反目成仇fan3 mu4 cheng2 chou2 to fall out with sb
交恶jiao1 e4 to become enemies
敌众我寡di2 zhong4 wo3 gua3 heavily outnumbered
一夫当关,万夫莫开yi1 fu1 dang1 guan1 wan4 fu1 mo4 kai1 One man can hold the pass against ten thousand enemies

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