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热血re4 xue4 re4 xie3 hot blood
狠心hen3 xin1 heartless
冷血leng3 xue4 cold-blooded (animal)
热烈的 re4 lie4 de5 hotter
气盛qi4 sheng4 impetuous
变温动物bian4 wen1 dong4 wu4 poikilothermal cold-blooded animal
温血wen1 xue4 warm blooded (animal)
金枝玉叶jin1 zhi1 yu4 ye4 golden branch, jade leaves (idiom)
冷血动物leng3 xue4 dong4 wu4 cold-blooded animal
冷酷的 leng3 ku4 de5 flinty
强壮的 qiang2 zhuang4 de5 beefy
混血的 hun2 xie3 de5 half-blooded
狠心地hen3 xin1 de5 cold-bloodedly

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