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不得bu4 de2 cannot
不许bu4 xu3 can't
制服zhi4 fu4 zhi4 fu2 to check
公差gong1 cha1 common difference (of an arithmetic series)
七夕qi1 xi1 girls' festival
鹊桥que4 qiao2 Magpie Bridge
余量yu2 liang4 remnant
双独shuang1 du2 double and single
明白地ming2 bai2 di5 allowedly
许嫁xu3 jia4 allowed to marry
经承认地jing1 cheng2 ren4 di5 allowedly
不准许bu4 zhun3 xu3 forbidden
七夕节qi1 xi1 jie2 girls' festival

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