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乌兹别克wu1 ci2 bie2 ke4 wu1 zi1 bie2 ke4 Uzbekistan (abbrev.)
乌兹别克斯坦wu1 zi1 bie2 ke4 si1 tan3 Uzbekistan
费尔干纳fei4 er3 gan4 na4 fei4 er3 gan1 na4 the Ferghana valley (in Uzbekistan, central Asia)
上海合作组织shang4 hai3 he2 zuo4 zu3 zhi1 Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO)
撒马尔罕sa3 ma3 er3 han3 sa1 ma3 er3 han3 Samarkand, city in Uzbekistan
铁尔梅兹tie3 er3 mei2 ci2 tie3 er3 mei2 zi1 Termez city in southeast Uzbekistan
塔什干ta3 shi2 gan1 Tashkent, capital of Uzbekistan
布哈拉bu4 ha1 la1 Bokhara or Bukhara city in Uzbekistan
上合shang4 he2 SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organisation)
阿姆河a1 mu3 he2 formerly called Oxus by Greek and Western writers, and Gihon by medieval Islamic writers
上合组织shang4 he2 zu3 zhi1 Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO)
乌滋别克斯坦wu1 zi1 bie2 ke4 si1 tan3 Uzbekistan
撒马尔干sa3 ma3 er3 gan4 also written 撒馬爾罕撒马尔罕

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