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列宁lie4 ning2 Vladimir Lenin, Russian revolutionary leader
俄国e2 guo2 Russia
ä¿„ç½—æ–¯e2 luo2 si1 Russian
普京pu3 jing1 Vladimir Putin (1952-), career KGB officer and politician, president of Russian Federation from 2000, prime minister from 2008
维奇wei2 qi2 Vietch
莫斯科mo4 si1 ke1 Moscow, capital of Russia
卢布lu2 bu4 also spelt ruble
æ²™sha1 sand
ä¿„e2 suddenly
白俄罗斯bai2 e2 luo2 si1 Belarus
杜马du4 ma3 Duma, lower chamber of Russian parliament
门捷列夫men2 jie2 lie4 fu1 mendeleev
车臣che1 chen2 Chechen

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