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马可ma3 ke3 Marco
芦沟桥lu2 gou1 qiao2 Lu Gou Bridge
迪马 di2 ma3 DeMarco
卢沟桥lu2 gou1 qiao2 Lugou Bridge or Marco Polo Bridge in southwest of Beijing, the scene of the incident of 7th July 1937 that sparked WW2 between Japan and China
马可波罗ma3 ke3 bo1 luo2 Marco Polo (1254-c. 1324), Venetian trader and explorer who traveled the Silk road to China, author of Il Milione (Travels of Marco Polo)
马可尼ma3 ke3 ni2 Marconi, UK electronics company
马可仕ma3 ke3 shi4 marcos
压条法ya1 tiao2 fa3 marcottage
打无线电报da3 wu2 xian4 dian4 bao4 marconi
马可霉素ma3 ke3 mei2 su4 marcomycin
马科岛ma3 ke1 dao3 Marco Island
马可孛罗ma3 ke3 bei4 luo2 Marco Polo
马科尼 ma3 ke1 ni2 Marcony

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