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毛泽东mao2 ze2 dong1 Mao Zedong (1893-1976), Chinese communist leader
mao2 raw
大跃进da4 yue4 jin4 great leap forward
毛主席mao2 zhu3 xi2 Chairman Mao
整风zheng3 feng1 Rectification or Rectifying incorrect work styles, Maoist slogan
角钱jia3 qian2 mao
国贸guo2 mao4 World Trade
毛泽东思想mao2 ze2 dong1 si1 xiang3 Maoism
解放战争jie3 fang4 zhan4 zheng1 Truncated - click through for definition
圣地sheng4 di4 shrine
地支di4 zhi1 Twelve Terrestrial Branches
王明wang2 ming2 Truncated - click through for definition
毛钱mao2 qian2 mao

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