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Querying dictionary for English phrase "%Cowherd" AND Chinese phrase "" AND Pinyin phrase ""

牵牛qian1 niu2 Altair (star)
牛郎niu2 lang2 cowhand
织女星zhi1 nv3 xing1 vega
七夕qi1 xi1 girls' festival
鹊桥que4 qiao2 Magpie Bridge
牵牛星qian1 niu2 xing1 Altair (star)
牧牛者mu4 niu2 zhe3 cowherd
七夕节qi1 xi1 jie2 girls' festival
牛郎织女niu2 lang2 zhi1 nv3 separated lovers
放牛的 fang4 niu2 de5 cowherd

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