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hui4 kuai4 will
协会xie2 hui4 a society
学会xue2 hui4 to learn
东盟dong1 meng2 abbr. for 東南亞國家聯盟东南亚国家联盟[Dong1 nan2 ya4 Guo2 jia1 Lian2 meng2]
dang3 Party
交往jiao1 wang3 association
足协zu2 xie2 soccer league
联想lian2 xiang3 mental association
章程zhang1 cheng2 statute
同业公会tong2 ye4 gong1 hui4 trade association
社员she4 yuan2 commune member (PRC, 1958-1985)
海协hai3 xie2 Taiwan Straits Association
妇联fu4 lian2 women's league

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