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肉票rou4 piao4 hostage
递进di4 jin4 gradual progress
末段mo4 duan4 last stage
撕票si1 piao4 lit. to tear the ticket
末流mo4 liu2 late degenerate stage
二级头er4 ji2 tou2 second stage (diving)
分阶 fen1 jie1 in stages
晕场yun4 chang3 to faint from stress (during exam, on stage etc)
砌末qie4 mo5 stage props
稚虫zhi4 chong2 larva
赛段sai4 duan4 stage of a competition
趸船dun3 chuan2 pontoon
辍演chuo4 yan3 to interrupt a stage run

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