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八音ba1 yin1 (used in advertising instrumental tuition)
异状yi4 zhuang4 something odd
不闻不问bu4 wen2 bu4 wen4 uncritical
别出心裁bie2 chu1 xin1 cai2 to display originality
吴国wu2 guo2 Wu state (in south China, in different historical periods)
标新立异biao1 xin1 li4 yi4 to display originality
不同程度 bu4 tong2 cheng2 du4 different degrees of
不怎么样bu4 zen3 meyang4 not to be too good
不辨菽麦bu4 bian4 shu1 mai4 fig. ignorant of practical matters
变法儿bian4 fa3 er5 try different ways
jia2 indifferent
爱理不理ai4 li3 bu4 li3 be standoffish
见仁见智jian4 ren2 jian4 zhi4 opinions differ (idiom)

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