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打不过da3 bu5 guo4 unable to defeat
不能够bu4 neng2 gou4 to be unable to
不堪一击bu4 kan1 yi1 ji1 to collapse at the first blow
买不到mai3 bu4 dao4 to be unable to buy
眩惑xuan4 huo4 confusion
kan3 to be full of misfortune
逃不出tao2 bu4 chu1 can't get out
zhi4 plodding
一盘散沙yi1 pan2 san3 sha1 scattered and disunited
不识一丁bu4 shi2 yi1 ding1 total illiterate
五音不全wu3 yin1 bu4 quan2 tone deaf
众盲摸象zhong4 mang2 mo1 xiang4 to mistake the part for the whole
厌气yan4 qi4 loathsome

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