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风档玻璃feng1 dang4 bo1 li5 windscreen (car window)
窗体chuang1 ti3 form (used in programming languages such as Visual Basic and Delphi to create a GUI window)
落地窗luo4 di4 chuang1 French window
标题栏biao1 ti2 lan2 title bar (of a window) (computing)
窗台蝴蝶 chuang1 tai2 hu2 die2 windowsill butterfly
窗户棂chuang1 hu4 ling2 window frame
窗棂子chuang1 ling2 zi5 window frame
冰花bing1 hua1 ice crystal
档案总管dang4 an4 zong3 guan3 (Windows) Explorer
贴膜tie1 mo2 facial mask (cosmetics)

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