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特制囚笼 te4 zhi4 qiu2 long2 specially-made prison
监狱暴乱 jian1 yu4 bao4 luan4 prison riot
监狱服刑jian1 yu4 fu2 xing2 prison sentence
秘密监狱 mi4 mi4 jian1 yu4 secret prison
第一监狱 di4 yi1 jian1 yu4 Prison No.1.
虐囚案 nve4 qiu2 an4 prisoner case
探监tan4 jian1 to visit a prisoner (usu. a relative or friend)
良心犯liang2 xin1 fan4 prisoner of conscience
劫囚jie2 qiu2 to break a prisoner out of jail
吃牢饭chi1 lao2 fan4 to do prison time (Tw)
李云娜li3 yun2 na4 also written 李誠恩李诚恩[Li3 Cheng2 en1]
李诚恩li3 cheng2 en1 Euna Li, US-Korean woman journalist imprisoned as spy by North Korea in 2009
监趸jian1 dun3 prisoner (Cantonese)

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