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铁板烧tie3 ban3 shao1 skillet cooked
煮饭zhu3 fan4 to cook
薄脆bao2 cui4 crispy thin (cooking style)
鲜味xian1 wei4 umami, one of the five basic tastes (cookery)
厨们chu2 men5 cooks
库克山ku4 ke4 shan1 Mount Cook
库金安 ku4 jin1 an1 Cookingham
烧菜shao1 cai4 to cook
fan2 cooked meat used in sacrifice
ruo4 konyaku
阿瓦鲁阿a1 wa3 lu3 a1 Avarua, capital of the Cook Islands
泡饭pao4 fan4 to soak cooked rice in soup or water
烂糊lan4 hu2 overripe

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