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在世界范围内zai4 shi4 jie4 fan4 wei2 nei4 within the world environment
在全国范围内zai4 quan2 guo2 fan4 wei2 nei4 within the entire country
在半年内zai4 ban4 nian2 nei4 within half a year
在这一时期里zai4 zhe4 yi1 shi2 qi1 li3 within this period
威辛顿 wei1 qin1 dun4 Withington
斯威辛班克 si1 wei1 qin1 ban1 ke4 Swithinbank
未来若干年内 wei4 lai2 ruo4 gan1 nian2 nei4 within the next several years
红色旅游 hong2 se4 lv3 you2 patriotic tourism within China
近在咫尺jin4 zai4 zhi3 chi3 to be close at hand
阿里山乡a1 li3 shan1 xiang1 (N) Alishan (village in Taiwan)
兩年內 nian2 within two years
双规shuang1 gui1 shuanggui, an extralegal system within the CCP for detaining and interrogating cadres who fall from grace
将在年内 jiang1 zai4 nian2 nei4 will within the year

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