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cuan4 to cook
红烧肉hong2 shao1 rou4 simmer fried meat
yong1 breakfast
饔飧yong1 sun1 fig. cooked food
ren4 cooked food
主料zhu3 liao4 to expect
全家福quan2 jia1 fu2 hodgepodge (cookery)
烧煮shao1 zhu3 to cook
辅料fu3 liao4 supplementary materials
大黄鱼da4 huang2 yu2 Croceine croaker (Pseudosciaena crocea), a fish popular in Cantonese cooking
库克群岛ku4 ke4 qun2 dao3 Cook Islands
烹饪法peng1 ren4 fa3 recipe
重蒸煮zhong4 zheng1 zhu3 recooking

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