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自带zi4 dai4 BYO
拉平la1 ping2 to even up
推陈出新tui1 chen2 chu1 xin1 to innovate
根治gen1 zhi4 to effect a radical cure
带入dai4 ru4 to bring into
了结liao3 jie2 to finish
旱涝保收han4 lao4 bao3 shou1 to bring a stable income
发扬光大fa1 yang2 guang1 da4 to promote
招抚zhao1 fu3 to bring to negotiated surrender
布林斯 bu4 lin2 si1 Brings
ju1 to rear
提审ti2 shen3 to commit sb for trialto bring sb before the court
救活jiu4 huo2 to bring back to life

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