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窗内 chuang1 nei4 inside the window
绮窗qi3 chuang1 beautifully decorated window
蓬牖茅椽peng2 you3 mao2 chuan2 thatched cottage with cane windows
door post
卵圆窗luan3 yuan2 chuang1 oval window between middle and inner ear
太阳窗tai4 yang2 chuang1 sun window
新建窗户xin1 jian4 chuang1 hu5 open a window
机会窗口 ji1 hui4 chuang1 kou3 window of opportunity
蓬户瓮牖peng2 hu4 weng4 you3 humble home
蓬门筚户peng2 men2 bi4 hu4 humble home
蓬门荜户peng2 men2 bi4 hu4 humble home
靠窗座位kao4 chuang1 zuo4 wei4 window seat
靠窗户kao4 chu4 hu4 by the window (referring to seats on a plane etc)

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