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问题解决wen4 ti2 jie3 jue2 problem solving
挠头nao2 tou2 tricky
双管齐下shuang1 guan3 qi2 xia4 to approach a goal in two ways
仙药xian1 yao4 panacea
大问题da4 wen4 ti2 great problem
灵药ling2 yao4 panacea
钻牛角尖zuan1 niu2 jiao3 jian1 a blind alley
后患无穷hou4 huan4 wu2 qiong2 nip the problem in the bud
以药养医yi3 yao4 yang3 yi1 drugs serving to nourish doctors, perceived problem in PRC medical practice
以邻为壑yi3 lin2 wei2 he4 to pass the buck
困难重重kun1 nan2 zhong4 zhong4 to have serious problems
打蛇不死da3 she2 bu4 si3 nip the problem in the bud
救焚益薪jiu4 fen2 yi4 xin1 to add fuel to the fire

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