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犯傻fan4 sha3 to play dumb
谬耄miu4 mao4 feeble-minded and senile
三心两意的 san1 xin1 liang3 yi4 de5 light-minded
下流的 xia4 liu2 de5 scummy
公正的 gong1 zheng4 de5 equitable
冷静的 leng3 jing4 de5 stoical
同道者tong2 dao4 zhe3 fellow-traveler
听觉型的 ting1 jiao4 xing2 de5 ear-minded
在意过zai4 yi4 guo5 to have minded
坦率的 tan3 lv4 de5 open-faced
宽宏大度kuan1 hong2 da4 du4 generous
宽洪大度kuan1 hong2 da4 du4 generous
宽洪大量kuan1 hong2 da4 liang4 generous

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